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Introductory Dance Lesson

Start your dance journey with our special $50 Introductory Dance Lesson.

Take your first steps with us! 

the studio

TBDH is dedicated to providing the highest level of ballroom dance instruction through private lessons, group classes, coaching, training, preparing students for Pro/Am Competitions and Shows, as well as offering dance lessons  for pure enjoyment and  personal growth.

TBDH's MISSION is to share the beauty and expression of dance with you through lifelong knowledge and experience, to delight, encourage, and inspire you to your fullest artistic ability.


As world-renowned choreographers, performers, competitors and instructors, Ivan and Ksusha share their deep knowledge and experience through personalized training and lessons in technique, mental preparation, body strengthening, and choreography, in all styles of ballroom dance.


THE BALLROOM DANCE HOUSE welcomes everyone who wants to learn how to dance,

dancers of all levels, children age 5+ and adults.

You do not need a partner to come dance with us -  you'll partner with your coaches.

Please call us ahead and we'll be happy to share our class detail with you.

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our team


Image of Ivan Kudashev

Ivan is the co-owner of TBDH with his wife Ksusha.  He is available to train in all styles of Ballroom for private, semi-private, group classes, choreography, competitive training, strengthening + fitness classes.
Ivan's many years of experience and accomplishments as a Professional dancer and teacher will delight and inspire you as you take your dance journey to new levels and learn the physical and mental tools and techniques to be your best self on the dance floor.


Image of Ksusha Sokolova

Ksusha is the co-owner of TBDH with her husband Ivan. She is also available for training in all styles of Ballroom for private, semi-private, group lessons, choreography, competitive training, strengthening + fitness classes.
Ksusha's experienced background as a teacher and Professional dancer will transform your knowledge as a dancer and encourage you to push yourself to new limits and be a strong dancer on the floor.


Image of Nicole Candice Prosser

Born in Port Hedland, Australia, Nicole was introduced to Ballroom dance at the age of 4 and soon started competing all over her country.


After receiving her Bachelors of Dance and teaching children in a social and competitive environment, she then moved to the USA.

Nicole has continued teaching and dancing competitively here with her husband while building a special Ballroom dance program for children in Cliffside Park, NJ, and creating ballroom programs across public schools in New Jersey and New York City, as well as building a studio of their own specifically dedicated to children.


She loves sharing her passion for ballroom dance with kids, helping them learn the athletic art that gives them strength and confidence. 


Sudents Dancing Rhythm

Suzanne Storer

Training with Ivan at The Ballroom Dance House is a dream come true for me. His generous spirit, knowledge, and passion for the art of dance and passing it to his students, is tremendous. Coupled with Ksusha’s knowledge and care for her students - dancing here has changed my life.

Teacher and Student Posing

I have been a student of Ivan Kudashev and also a National Dance competitor with Ivan as my Pro Am partner, for the past four years. Ivan has the very rare quality of being a great teacher and also a great dance partner. This is extremely hard to find and I am grateful to have found it in him. He and his wife, Ksusha, (who also coaches me), are extremely talented, hardworking and successful professional dancers, and they also are very passionate and effective teachers, who truly care about their students.
I love their new school, The Ballroom Dance House, it is fresh, new, clean, has great energy and is a fun place to dance.
I would highly recommend the Ballroom Dance House to anyone from a beginner to competitor who loves to dance, whether just socially or professionally.

Walking Down the Isle For A Wedding

My fiancé and I signed up for 5 dance classes before our wedding. We had the best time with Ksusha! She helped us learn how to rumba and to build in spins and turns. She designed choreography to song so that we are comfortable and ready for our first dance! We really appreciated her help and her tips for the changes in the room and situation once all of our friends and family are around us.
We hope to return and take some classes for fun in the future!

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