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From Good to Great: Why Professional Coaching Lessons Make all the Difference for Dancers

Have you ever considered investing in a professional coaching lesson but hesitated, thinking it might not be for you? It's common for dancers to feel uncertain about whether they're ready to participate. To help you make an informed decision, we've created this article to explain what a coaching lesson is, why it can make a significant difference in your dancing journey, and how to determine if it's the right choice for you.

We will explore the following topics:

  1. What to expect during a typical coaching lesson 

  2. What benefits you’ll receive after taking a coaching lesson 

  3. Advice for making the most out of your lesson 

What to expect during your coaching lesson 

A typical coaching lesson is between 45-90 minutes. During your lesson, you’ll be able to dance completely with your partner or instructor while the coach provides consistent, in-the-moment feedback personalized just for you. A different perspective is particularly important for Ballroom Dancers because it gives you the opportunity to focus on your dancing as a couple rather than individual feedback from your instructor. Because your coaching lesson is dedicated just for you, you can decide how you would like to utilize your time. Below, we’ll share some tips on how to maximize your time and help you get the most benefits from your lesson. We’ve found that sometimes dancers aren’t fully aware of the benefits they’ll actually get from investing in this experience. 

What are the benefits of taking a coaching lesson? 

  1. Receive Personalized feedback 

One of the biggest benefits you should expect from taking a coaching lesson is the professional, personalized critiques and advice you’ll be given. You’ll carry this information with you through your upcoming lessons and be able to consistently apply this information. 

  1. Create unique choreography

When creating new pieces of choreography, it is extremely beneficial to have an outside perspective when creating. You’ll be able to fuse their unique style and artistry into your dancing by utilizing hand crafted choreography made just for you. 

  1. Bring new ideas to your next lesson 

After your coaching lesson, you will have a new perspective of your dancing so you’ll have new information to review with your instructor. And it will force you to think about how you can combine the new feedback you received, with the feedback from your instructor.   

  1. Meet professionals and world renowned dancers 

The coaches you’ll work with are masters of their craft. You’ll be working alongside dancers and coaches who have an abundance of experience, expertise, and accomplishments. 

  1. Broaden your movement vocabulary 

Different teachers have different ways of describing movements, techniques, and figures. By exposing yourself to many different coaches, you immerse yourself in their experiences, backgrounds, preferences, and understandings. They may provide different movement queues or adjustments that will help broaden your overall dance knowledge.  

  1. Challenge your ability to learn quickly 

Most coaching lessons are between 45-90 minutes, so his lesson will be packed full of tips, information, compliments, suggestions, improvements, and motivation. You need to be fully locked into the lesson to get the most out of it and absorb and apply new information. This is an excellent way to practice being focused throughout your lesson and maximizing the amount of information you retain from lesson to lesson. 

Advice for making the most out of your coaching lesson: 

Come to your lesson prepared: What do you want to work on? Would you like to focus on a particular dance? A few steps you're struggling to learn? Your weakest dances? Your strongest dances? 

You get to where you want to go faster when you know where you want to go. 

Get ready to take notes 

  • Right after your lesson, take a few minutes to write down everything you learned. This is important not only because it will help you remember all of the small details of your coaching lesson, but it will force you to write things in words that make the most sense to you. You can also have this to refer back to in the coming weeks and months. Using this, you’ll be able to understand where to focus your attention while practicing. 

 Ask questions

  • Throughout the coaching lesson, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If something isn’t entirely clear to you, make sure to speak up so the coach can clarify. It's also helpful to come to your next lesson with follow up questions. 

Get it on video 

  • As you begin to start applying and understanding the teachings from your coaching lesson, it’s a good idea to record your dancing. This will give you the ability to compare your dancing to previous lessons and see if you are really applying and understanding the information being taught to you. 

Overall, a coaching lesson will help you to get an idea of not just what you’re doing but why you're doing it. This personalized approach allows you to compare your instructors' teaching styles and broaden your understanding of various dance techniques. By exploring the 'why' behind each movement, you can deepen your knowledge and enhance your dancing skills. If you have more questions about our upcoming coaching lessons or want more recommendations, call or text us at 862.200.8680 and we would be happy to help you!



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