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What a perfect way to plan for your most perfect day. We would be thrilled to be a

part of your wedding journey or any special occasion you have, as you learn a beautiful dance, or group of dances, with your partner, loved ones, or with a group of friends.


Contact us.  We're excited to share more information with you.

7 lessons

Our CLASSIC package gives you easy and fun basic choreographed dances, for you and your partner, parents, and other loved ones.


Also, we'll give you recommendations for your first dance songs to choose from.


You'll be confident and impressive on the dance floor with a few basic resources to make you look like you've been doing this forever!

Contact us and we'll design the best plan to meet your wishes.

10 lessons

Our PREMIUM package will be a custom-designed plan of specially choreographed dances for you and your loved ones, to take to your wedding or special event. Dances created just for you. As well as our recommendations of songs to fit your personality.


Your dedication to this plan will make this special part of your day - beautiful, organized, and give you the comfort and confidence to help you relax and enjoy every moment.

Let us help you figure out the right plan for your special day.

Contact us!

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